A Real Hawaiian Wedding
In addition to performing weddings, Maile Spencer Napoleon is a Lomilomi Practitioner, a Healer,  a Kahu, a Kumu Lei Haku, a Preserver of Hawaii history and an ongoing educator in Lei making, Lomi, Huna, Stonework (Ku'i Pohaku), Lauhala weaving, Pu'ili, Pu'ohe; Pranic healing, La'au Lapa'au and Hawaiian Philosophy.  
She works from a foundation of humbleness and has the ability to "take the nectar from each person to mend any differences and weave the fabric of their lives into a whole."  Her personal philosophy simply stated:  "if you have a talent of some kind, just give it away to show the aloha spirit".  This philosophy, developed over the years is reflected in everything she does and with everyone she touches.

In 1991, Maile was ordained an Interfaith Minister and has done m any weddings and blessings.  In performing these ceremonies, in all that she does, Maile is the essence of aloha.  As you watch her lovingly make her na lei haku then give it away without charge but with much love -- you honestly don't know who feels happier, the giver or the receiver -- for both have brilliant smiles when the "lei-ing" is done.  

A life-long student, Auntie Maile has spent years learning about Huna, Lomi, Hawaiian Philosophy, Pranic Healing, La'au Lapa'au, Ho'oponopono, La'au Kahea, Oli and Pule.  She freely credits her growth in learning to first and foremost her grandmother Abigail Ka'omea Alapa'i.  Other wayshowers have been Serge King, David Keaalekai, Naone, Kaipo Kanehailua, Kalua Kaiahua, Dane Silva, Lanakila Brand, and many more.

From a wedding performed by Auntie Maile, a couple tucks away a piece of Hawaii into their collective heart, and begins their life together with grace, with unconditional love, and true aloha.