A Real Hawaiian Wedding
  • Old Kona Airport Park (no charge)
  • Kukio Beach ($500)
  • 'Anaeho'omalu Bay  (no charge)
  • Holoholokai Beach Park (no charge)
  • Paniau Beach (Puako) (no charge)
  • Lilokala (Beach 69) (no charge)
  • Spencer Beach Park (no charge)
  • Outdoor Circle Park (Waimea) (no charge)
  • Laupehoehoe State Park (no charge)
  • Private Homes
  • Makapala Christian Church (Kohala)

These are suggestions and ideas for locations you may choose to hold your wedding.  Once you have decided upon one of these, or any other site you wish, let Auntie Maile know, and she will obtain any necessary permits, and come in advance to prepare the site for your event.Each couple is responsible for locating and paying any charges for wedding location, whether it be a park, a beach, or a hotel.

For beach or park access, Auntie Maile will get the necessary permits.  In Hawaii, all beaches are free access to all people all the time.  Therefore, it is not possible to prevent anyone from walking by as your ceremony is performed, or to have any public place become private for the duration of your event.  This has been legislated for public access beaches.